Chronic Pain – Paving the Path to Recovery

According to Buddha, “When touched with a feeling of pain, the ordinary person laments… becomes distraught… contracts and so… feels two pains… just as if they were to shoot a man with an arrow and, right afterward, were to shoot him with another arrow so that he would feel the pain of both…” The first arrow is our original experience … Read More

Chronic Pain – Beginning the Pathway to Recovery

If you suffer from chronic pain and the experience of depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, decreased social activity, and relationship stress that sometimes accompany it, I want you to know that there is a medicine cabinet inside of you that you can open through movement, mindfulness, and social engagement activities. At a time when you might be experiencing hopelessness and … Read More

We are all capable of Calm and Clarity

In our ever busy world, where busy is honoured, it is no wonder that we are experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiousness and feelings of depression than ever before. And yet, our natural state is to experience calm and clarity. Hard to believe, I know. When we recognize that we are experiencing stress, anxiousness, or feelings of depression, some of … Read More

Guided Visualization: Seated Grounding

The practice of grounding allows us to reorient to the here-and-now. It activates the relaxation system in our body and has potential to shut down any anxious or worrying thoughts. This quick guided grounding in a seated position can be used any time you need a short session to return to an experience of calm and relaxation.

Guided Visualization: Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a relaxation technique that you can do to gain control over your relaxation response. When practiced regularly, this technique can be as restorative as sleep, while remaining fully conscious.